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Your VA Benefits.

At CaseSix, our mission is to ensure Veterans worldwide receive their VA benefits. With 37 years of experience and 22,000 cases managed, communication is key as we keep you informed every step of the way.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our #1 priority is communication, and it's essential in both directions. Specializing in VA Benefit Representation, we deliver personalized service and employ technology to simplify the process, leading to faster, smoother, and more secure results.

It's All About Teamwork...

When we ask for signatures, info, or records, quick responses help keep things flowing smoothly. Once we've got what we need, we'll dive in and handle the rest. Just stay on top of our requests, and we'll make sure everything falls into place seamlessly. And remember, we're all about efficiency. The faster we can get started on your case, the sooner you'll be on your way to those benefits!


Initial Evaluation

1.1 - Complete the Intake Q&A: Fill out our Intake Questionnaire to provide essential details about your situation.

1.2 - Discussion: We'll schedule a day and tim where we will discuss your specific case after you complete the questionnaire to better understand your needs. Ask us anything you'd like - you'll get straight answers.


Accessing Service Treatment Records (STRs)

2.1 - VA Form 21-22a (Authorization for Representation): This form allows CaseSix to represent you and access your STRs through the VA's database, VBMS. We'll send it via email with a QR code for digital signatures using advanced software.

2.2 - VA Form 21-0966 (Intent to File): This form is crucial as it locks in your earliest effective date, especially for potential Back Pay. We'll provide it via email with a QR code for digital signatures using VETPRO software.


Reviewing Your STRs

3.1 - STRs Review by Decision Review Officers (DROs): Our experienced staff, including DROs, will assess your STRs to determine your Benefit Eligibility. If there's potential for pursuing benefits, we'll schedule a telephone meeting to discuss findings and strategies. If there's nothing to pursue, we'll inform you, and there won't be any fee agreements necessary.

3.2 - Comprehensive Process: This typically takes about 5 to 8 days, providing you with a clear understanding of your benefit situation. If there are opportunities to pursue benefits, we'll discuss your options and fee agreements accordingly.

Leveraging Technology to Serve Veterans Better

At CaseSix, we’re committed to making the VA process easier, faster, and more secure for our Veterans – and that’s makes us different. 

Our expertise in leveraging technology. And if tech isn’t your thing, don’t sweat it – we’ll walk you through everything you need to know, ensuring you’re all set up and good to go.

Electronic Signatures

No more printing, signing, or scanning documents. Our secure electronic signature platform enables you to sign forms with ease, saving time and reducing paperwork hassles.

Mobile App Accessibility

Manage your VA claim onsecure mobile apps. From signing and submitting VA forms to scheduling appointments, put the power, flexibility and convenience of managing your case in the palm of your hand.

Integrated Document Management

Easily upload, exchange, and manage all your documents using our integrated and Private Dropbox. From scanned photos to sensitive documents, our system ensures your files are protected and easily accessible, eliminating the need for manually mailing or emailing.

Auto/Self-Scheduling Meeting Tools

Empower yourself with our self-scheduling tool. Say goodbye to email chains and phone-tag. Just pick your preferred time, and our system handles the rest, saving you time and frustration.

Zoom Meetings with Screen-Sharing

Collaborate with our Zoom meeting solution. Whether you’re across town or the world, our Zoom calls and meetings are more effective including the use of screen-sharing capabilities – allowing us to pinpoint specific details on any given file or document, ensuring clear communication and understanding.

VA Form Auto-Population

Streamline form filling effortlessly using our VA form auto-population integration. Your veteran data seamlessly fills into the necessary VA forms, minimizing errors and ensuring precision, all while saving you invaluable time.

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