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Quick Heads-Up. The Q&A should only take 4 to 7 minutes to complete. Our Q&A is slightly more in-depth than others, and for a good reason. We’d rather ask you for a little extra (easy) information now and avoid the back-and-forth later. 


Within our Q&A, you can upload copies of your VA Decision Letters, DD214, STRs, or whatever relevant information you feel will help us understand your situation. Or, you can wait until after we talk on the phone, and we’ll email you a Private Dropbox link afterward.


After you’re done, you’ll receive a copy via email to review the information you provided.

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CaseSix Benefits Evaluation & Intake Q&A
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Veterans! Do You Know About Your Extra VA Benefits Called "Derivatives?"

Vets who receive monthly VA compensation benefits and VA Ratings from 0% to 100% may qualify for additional benefits known as “Derivatives“?

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