Retroactive vs. CUE Claim Payments

The Difference? The Future vs. The Past

Here, we’ll help you understand the distinctions between VA “Retroactive or Backpay” payments and Clear and Unmistakable Error (CUE) claim payments.

Although these two processes may seem similar, they serve very different purposes, and involve distinct procedures and outcomes.

Retroactive Payments: Planting Seeds for Future Benefits

When the VA processes an intent to file form (VA Form 21-0966), it sets the stage for potential retroactive payments. The operative word is “potential” because not all claims will have a Retro payment due to the Vet.

Think of this process as planting seeds in a garden. You’re laying the groundwork for future benefits, such as disability compensation or pension benefits. If all goes well, you’ll reap the rewards later on. These payments cover the period between submitting the intent to file form and the approval of your claim.

CUE Claims: Correcting Past Decisions

On the other hand, a CUE claim is about reviewing past decisions made by the VA. It stands for Clear and Unmistakable Error and is like fixing a leaky faucet.  You’re addressing a specific issue that needs correction, even if it occurred some time ago. With a CUE claim, you’re asking the VA to review a finalized decision and correct any errors that may have been made, regardless of how old the decision is.

Here, too, the operative word is “potential” because not all claims will have a CUE payment due to the Vet. CUEs are considered rare and highly complex to identify, prepare, argue, and prosecute, often taking 6 months to a year (or longer) to conclude.

Understanding the Difference: Why It Matters

Understanding the contrast between retroactive payments and CUE claims is vital as they involve different procedures and outcomes. Retroactive payments focus on securing future benefits, while CUE claims aim to rectify past  VA decision errors.

Without this knowledge, you could inadvertently miss tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in a one-time VA benefit payment. With our help, such an oversight can easily be avoided.

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Rhonda Mitchell Accredited Claims Agent (JL6) Dept. of Veterans Affairs (Ret.) Decision Review Officer (DRO)

Veterans First: Where Experience and Dedication Shapes Every Action

With 37 years of experience at the Dept of VA, Rhonda Mitchell and her team specializes in uncovering retroactive payments and CUE claims for our clients. Having encountered diverse case scenarios, overseeing appeals and ensuring accuracy in disability award determinations, we excel in overturning denials and identifying "Clear and Unmistakable Errors" (CUE) that can significantly benefit our clients.

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The people at CaseSix gave me incredible, hassle-free service. I had a ton of questions, and they gave me direct answers. Whenever I needed help, reaching out to them was never an issue. Their guidance was top-notch, and they handled my case quickly. Thanks to CaseSix, my disability rating got a big boost, and I received a retroactive payment. I strongly recommend my fellow Vets to turn to CaseSix for assistance. Rhonda managed my case, and I wholeheartedly recommend her and CaseSix to help with any questions about navigating the VA claim process. Semper Fi!
Peter O.
MGySgt/USMC, Ret.
Rhonda (CaseSix) was a game-changer. I wish I had known about her a lot sooner. From the very start her insider's knowledge of the VA system and dedication to veterans became clear. Because of her and CaseSix taking charge of my case I'm finally receiving my benefits. Rhonda became my lifeline, providing a wealth of resources, expertise, and an impressive track record of successfully submitting, arguing, and winning VA claims. Their approach, tailored to veterans, and their genuine respect for our sacrifices meant the world to me. With their unwavering support, I finally felt like I had a true advocate in my corner, passionately fighting for the benefits I rightfully earned.
Kenny P.
E6/USA, Ret.


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