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Rhonda Mitchell, Accredited Claims Agent (JL6)
Dept. of Veterans Affairs; Decision Review Officer (DRO) (Ret.)

Expert Veteran Benefits Claim Advocates

Initial Claims to Appeals

Years Inside the VA

Imagine Your Case Expertly Managed by a Senior Retired VA Insider Turned Accredited Claims Agent!


Game Changer.

Cases (and Counting)

- Decades of Hands-On Expertise: Founded on the experience of our retired VA Senior Decision Review Officer (DRO) with 37 years of experience inside the VA with more than 22,000 cases rated.

- Comprehensive Support: From initial evaluations and claims submissions to appeals.

- Hassle-Free Process: You won't have to deal with paperwork or chase updates; that's our job.

- We understand the VA system inside and out… and, we're two steps ahead of the VA Playbook.

Let's Have a No-Nonsense Talk.

Our #1 Rule. Communication.

At CaseSix, we're anything but ordinary. Unlike typical large attorneys or claim agents, we specialize in offering top-tier expertise in VA Benefit Representation, all while ensuring a tailored, hassle-free experience for you.

Communication is our cornerstone. We frequently hear frustrations about other firms' lack of updates and communication. Waiting on the VA is tough enough, but it's downright maddening when your own legal team leaves you in the dark!

We Do It Better.

"Hard working, deliberate and very effective! I couldn't be more satisfied and I highly recommend their services."

Randall P. – Feb. 2024

Innovative Methods

Processes Streamlined.

We expedite processes and enhance experiences by leveraging the latest technology and decades of project management expertise. We use online, secure Dropbox, digital forms, Zoom calls, and digital signatures that replace clunky out of date methods.

We are dedicated to providing top-of-the-line VA benefits, knowledge, expertise, and representation. Our ultimate goal is to simplify your case's journey through the VA system, ensuring you are informed at every step.

Got 100%?

Veterans rely on us for good reason – our proven track record speaks volumes.


While we cannot guarantee outcomes, with nearly 40 years of VA insider experience, we can make highly informed predictions.


Plus, if we disagree with the VA’s decision, we’ll file an appeal.


For more information, please refer to our Disclaimer & Disclosure page.

Simple VA Combined Disability Calculator

Our calculator is intended to give you a close estimate of your monthly compensation. 


Enter your number of Rated Disabilities; Your Percentage per Condition; Marital, Children and Parent status and Aid and Attendance (AA).  Our VA disability calculator determines your estimated monthly combined disability rating compensation.

Learn About Extra VA Benefits Called "Derivatives?"​

+ Veterans rated at 30% or higher with a spouse or child(ren) living at home who are under age 18 are entitled to additional monthly monetary benefits.

+ 0%+0% = Some Veteran ratings have separate and more than two (2) zero percent (0%) service-connected disabilities and are paid 10%.

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Integrity & Ethics

Member of the National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates, Inc. (NOVA), a non-profit educational organization for VA Accredited Attorneys, Claim Agents, and other qualified members advocating for disabled veterans.

Vietnam Vets: Learn About New VA Agent Orange Service Connected Issues.

If you’re considering filing a claim with the VA – you’ve come to the right place. 

Did you know Accredited Attorneys and Claim Agents from all over the nation trust us with their most difficult cases due to our founder’s exceptional 37-year VA experience? 

Her record of success is second to none and has made CaseSix a trusted partner for complex Veterans’ Benefits claims, ensuring you get the benefits you truly deserve.


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Having trouble figuring out where to start with the VA? Does it seem like the VA speaks a foreign language?


CaseSix: We decode ‘VA Speak’ into understandable terms, and we’re proficient with every VA form and essential deadline.


If you’re uncertain about your entitled benefits or unsure where to begin, don’t worry – we’re the team you need!

What people say?

The people at CaseSix gave me incredible, hassle-free service. I had a ton of questions, and they gave me direct answers. Whenever I needed help, reaching out to them was never an issue. Their guidance was top-notch, and they handled my case quickly. Thanks to CaseSix, my disability rating got a big boost, and I received a retroactive payment. I strongly recommend my fellow Vets to turn to CaseSix for assistance. Rhonda managed my case, and I wholeheartedly recommend her and CaseSix to help with any questions about navigating the VA claim process. Semper Fi!
Peter O.
MGySgt/USMC, Ret.
Rhonda (CaseSix) was a game-changer. I wish I had known about her a lot sooner. From the very start her insider's knowledge of the VA system and dedication to veterans became clear. Because of her and CaseSix taking charge of my case I'm finally receiving my benefits. Rhonda became my lifeline, providing a wealth of resources, expertise, and an impressive track record of successfully submitting, arguing, and winning VA claims. Their approach, tailored to veterans, and their genuine respect for our sacrifices meant the world to me. With their unwavering support, I finally felt like I had a true advocate in my corner, passionately fighting for the benefits I rightfully earned.
Kenny P.
E6/USA, Ret.

Veterans! Do You Know About Your Extra VA Benefits Called "Derivatives?"

Vets who receive monthly VA compensation benefits and VA Ratings from 0% to 100% may qualify for additional benefits known as “Derivatives“?

Download Our Free Handy Disability Rating & Derivative Matrix Guide

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