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CaseSix was founded by a former VA Decision Review Officer (DRO) who retired after 37 years in the VA, handled over 22,000 cases, discovered countless VA errors (CUE), and continues to fight on our veterans’ behalf.

With CaseSix, you get top former VA Disability Claims Subject Matter Experts (SME) who know exactly how and what will get your case granted, increased, and, when necessary, appealed.


Understanding the benefits you're entitled to begins here.

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Your Personal VA (Outside the VA)

CaseSix is a Game Changer for Our Veterans and VA Accredited Attorneys and Claim Agents.

At times, even the most skilled accredited Attorneys and Claim Agents (CA) run into difficulties with the VA and winning their clients’ cases, and that’s why other Attorneys and CAs call us to get their cases successfully through the VA.

Your Case Is In the Hands of
Former Dept. of VA Insiders!

After decades inside the Dept. of VA, our retired and former VA Rating Specialists put our expertise to the best possible use … helping your claim overcome VA obstacles as smoothly as possible.

We are Pro-Veteran, Pro-Military, and Proactive.


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